An Overview of the Americans with Disabilities Act

The Americans with Disabilities Act (“ADA”) is a seminal piece of legislation that extended civil rights, public access, and employment protections to Americans with disabilities. The ADA was the first significant piece of legislation that extended protections to peoples with disabilities, many of its provisions were later reflected in the Convention on the Rights of […]

Social Security Benefits May Ease Financial Stress During Cancer Treatment

A cancer diagnosis can strain even a carefully planned budget, but social security disability may be available to offset the costs of treatment. Research has improved the quality of cancer care, but at a cost. Many find the cost of therapy along with the inability to work to be a financial strain. Trying to Work […]

When the Wee Ones Need a Hand: Social Security Disability for Children

Disabled children in Chicago whose parents meet certain income requirements may qualify for assistance through the supplemental security income program with the Social Security Administration. In order to be eligible, children must have a qualifying condition, and their parents must have incomes below the limits that the agency has established for their family sizes.SSI may […]