Update on Social Security Changes in 2017

Social Security benefits undergo an update every year based on inflation and changes to the Consumer Price Index. Usually, the benefits increase, however, in the event of deflation (which is an increase in the value of currency), then it is possible for benefits to reduce. The Social Security Administration (SSA) is responsible for calculating these […]

Waiving Social Security Overpayments

Receiving notice of a Social Security overpayment can be difficult for a recipient, especially when benefits are their only source of income. Often, such notices state that the recipient owes thousands of dollars in back benefits and their benefits for the next month will be completely removed or drastically cut. Understanding overpayments can help recipients […]

Saving While On Social Security Disability

Collecting Social Security Disability benefits does not mean that an individual cannot save money while they are receiving their benefit. Both SSI and SSDI have different rules regarding savings and asset limits, and Illinois legislators and regulators are working to make saving easier for individuals collecting these and other social insurance benefits. Income and Asset […]