How Does Divorce Impact Social Security Benefits?

When planning for divorce, the duration of the marriage and timely filing of divorce papers can have a significant impact on Social Security benefits. A Social Security law firm Chicago understands federal laws that impact Social Security benefits for divorced couples in Illinois. Collecting Ex-Spousal Benefits Many people are unaware of the Social Security laws […]

May Changes To Social Security Filing Strategies Affect Chicago Couples

The House of Representatives passed the Bipartisan Budget Act of 2015, which included changes to Social Security, effective May 1, 2016. The changes were meant to close loopholes in the filing system that allowed some beneficiaries to maximize payments. Social Security attorneys in Chicago warn couples to avoid conflict with the new laws by avoiding strategies […]

Social Security Disability and the Effects of Workers’ Compensation

Anyone receiving both Social Security Disability and Workers’ Compensation may have a reduction in benefits. The total amount of both benefits cannot exceed 80% of the average current earnings before the disability occurred. A Social Security claims Chicago attorney can help minimize this reduction. Public Disability Benefits Can Impact Social Security Disability payments from private […]

Social Security Benefits Provide Lifeline for Children of Disabled Workers

If a parent becomes disabled, it can have a devastating financial impact on their family, however social security benefits are preventing children from becoming victims of financial distress. These auxiliary Social Security benefits for unmarried, minor children are available in specific circumstances. Social Security Benefits for the Children of the Disabled Over four million children […]

Expedited Processing for Certain Disability Claims

The processing time for social security disability claims can be very lengthy, sometimes lasting up to two years before a final decision is reached. Fortunately, many individuals with serious “critical cases” may be able to pursue expedited processing for their disability claims. In 2014, nearly 40 million individuals in the United States reported at least one disability. […]

How Social Security Changes Affect Recipients

In November 2015, legislators in Washington voted to change the way Americans can collect their social security benefits. These changes have now gone into effect and will affect everyone who files for their benefits from now onwards. File and Suspend no Longer Possible One of the most important changes is that recipients can no longer file […]

New Bill Proposed to Phase-In Social Security Payments for Those With Terminal Illnesses

The process of applying for Social Security benefits can take a great deal of time, which is why a new bill has been proposed to help those with terminal illnesses get their benefits quicker. This legislation was introduced by Rep. Rodney Davis. Waiting for Social Security Benefits Many who apply for Social Security benefits deal […]

SSDI or SSI Can Be Terminated

After people have been approved for SSI or SSDI, their benefits may later be terminated for several reasons, including making too much money, medical recovery, changes in living circumstances and convictions. The Social Security Administration will send notices of continuing disability reviews to recipients when it is reviewing them for continued eligibility. If people receive […]