New Rules May Impact Social Security Disability Claims

Social security disability insurance benefits adjudicators were previously required to give added weight to the opinions of applicants’ treating physicians, but that rule has been eliminated, making it potentially more difficult for people to get approved for disability benefits. The old rule, which was called the treating physician rule, was eliminated when new regulations went […]

Tips for Filing a Social Security Disability Claim

When filing a Social Security disability claim, an individual must follow a strict set of rules and regulations set by the Social Security Administration. In Illinois, a Social Security attorney Chicago can explain the filing process and oversee guideline restrictions to ensure best results. Who Qualifies for Social Security Disability? The Social Security Administration (SSA) […]

The Compassionate Allowances Program For Disability Applicants

Compassionate Allowance, a provision in the Social Security Act, provides a means through which eligible applicants may have their social security disability insurance applications processed in as little as ten days. The agency has a list of 200 qualifying conditions that are considered to be severe enough that they automatically qualify for disability. People who […]