Tips for Filing a Social Security Disability Claim

When filing a Social Security disability claim, an individual must follow a strict set of rules and regulations set by the Social Security Administration. In Illinois, a Social Security attorney Chicago can explain the filing process and oversee guideline restrictions to ensure best results.

Who Qualifies for Social Security Disability?

The Social Security Administration (SSA) sets strict guidelines for disability qualifications. To qualify for benefits, an individual must prove his/her case with documented medical evidence based on the rules and regulations established by SSA. When filing a disability claim, a simple diagnosis of a condition will not typically result in an approval for benefits. The individual must prove that the condition affects and/or limits his/her ability to perform work and engage in normal daily activities.

There is a long list of medical impairments with detailed, specific approval criteria. Qualifying for Illinois Social Security Disability benefits can be a complicated process, even in cases of severe disability. In Illinois, more than 70 percent of residents who apply for disability benefits will be denied on their initial claims each year. The majority of disability applicants will have to file an appeal through a Social Security attorney Chicago or request a hearing to receive Social Security disability benefits.

Tips for Filing a Disability Claim

  • Gather Medical Records – Before filing an application, gather all medical records that are pertinent to the disability claim. In some cases, medical records can be submitted along with the disability application through a Social Security attorney Chicago.
  • Document Pain Symptoms – Pain symptoms should be documented by a medical professional and included as part of the disability application. An applicant should never minimize pain symptoms or conditions that affect his/her ability to work or do normal daily tasks and activities.
  • List All Conditions – It’s important to list all physical and mental conditions that impair work and function. Most disability cases are won on the basis of several conditions, rather that one single condition. List all symptoms on the disability application. Various symptoms help to establish limited functionality.
  • Get a Doctor’s Statement – A statement from a physician that describes the affects of painful conditions on abilities to work or perform daily tasks can have a positive effect on a disability claim. Documented absences from work for treatment will also show that the condition is severe enough to interfere with required physical and/or mental tasks on a job.