How a Seizure Diary Can Win Your Social Security Disability Claim

People who want to claim Social Security disability benefits for seizures must prove that they are having them in spite of their medications. A seizure diary is useful for both managing their condition and serving as supporting evidence for their claims with the assistance of a Social Security law firm in Chicago.

To prove that they are impaired, an applicant must suffer from a certain number of seizures on a monthly basis even though they are taking all of the medications that doctors have recommended to them. A seizure diary can help by keeping track of the number of seizures, the times when these seizures occurred, and how closely the patient is following doctors’ recommendations regarding medications. Although a seizure diary cannot substitute for medical records, it can serve as supporting evidence because it is recorded as close to the actual occurrences as possible, resulting in less room for doubt. The more proof that an applicant can provide for their claim, the better his or her chances of getting Social Security disability benefits.

Many people still use paper to keep their seizure diaries, but the Epilepsy Foundation now offers an app called My Seizure Diary. By accessing the app through the Internet, users can make note of their seizures as soon as they have happened to create a record of their health over time. This record can be examined for proof of their claims as well as useful information for managing their conditions. Furthermore, the app comes with useful features such as reminders and report compilation.

Seizure diaries are not the only documents that can be useful. For example, people who sustained their personal injuries in car accidents should be able to request a crash report from the local police department. Similarly, people who want compensation for lost wages can get a statement from their employers about what they do and what they make. Summed up, the more documentation, the easier it will be to prove a claim.

The seizure diary is an excellent example of the kind of documentation that a Social Security law firm in Chicago can use to increase its clients’ chances of winning their cases. Those who want Social Security disability benefits should contact a Social Security law firm Chicago with positive testimonials to learn about other ways to document their condition so as to increase their chances of receiving the disability benefits that they are asking for.