Social Security Disability Claims Expedited for Veterans

The Social Security Administration (SSA) has taken steps to expedite social security disability claims for veterans. The expedited process is used for military service members who become disabled while on active military service on or after October 1, 2001, regardless of where the disability occurs. Expedited claims for veterans are being processed to help ease unnecessary pain and suffering, prolonged stress, and economic hardship for veterans who sustained hardships and injuries during active duty. Typically, it takes between 30 and 90 days to get a decision on an initial disability claim. If the initial application is denied, an appeal must be filed. Filing an appeal requires the assistance of a social security law firm Chicago who can navigate the complex social security disability laws and eligibility guidelines.

Social Security Disability vs Veterans Disability

U.S.veterans are allowed to file for Social Security disability and Veterans disability at the same time. VA disability, also known as service-connected disability, is not based on employment or income capability, so VA disability benefits and Social Security disability insurance (SSDI) can be paid at the same time. A social security law firm Chicago can explain the qualification differences.

One major difference between Social Security disability and Veterans disability is the percentage of disability. To qualify for VA disability, total disability is not necessary. Veterans can receive a VA disability rating as low as 10% and still be eligible for VA disability benefits. Social Security disability does not compensate claimants based on partial disability. Under Social Security laws, a claimant is either totally disabled or not disabled at all.

Another difference between the two disability programs is based on the “treating physician rule.” Under Social Security laws, a claimant’s “treating physician’s” opinion can mean the difference between winning and losing a disability claim. Under VA laws, the physician’s opinion does not weight the claim, since disability claims are based on a claimant’s entire medical file. For Illinois claimants, a social security law firm Chicago can explain this rule.

Expedited Claim Qualifications

To qualify for a veteran’s expedited Social Security disability claim, a veteran must inform the Social Security Administration that he/she is a veteran or Wounded Warrior with a 100% P&T VA finding and provide a copy of a VA notification letter that shows this finding. A social security disability firm Chicago can help simplify the filing process.